What To Expect?

There are two main steps in correcting and maintenance of normal function

1. Structural Integrity

Reestablishing Structural Integrity is very important in maintaining good health. Structural stress, by inhibiting nerve flow, can decrease the efficiency of your cells, organs, glands, and systems, and thus may be the cause of many health issues. If structural stress is causing a problem, nutrition alone can do very little to alleviate it.

Common Pains and Aches

Many other therapies inflict the will of the therapist on to the patient. In osteopathy, chiropractic and western medicine for instance, a diagnosis is made and treatment is given accordingly. On the face of it this may seem okay, but Bowenwork doesn’t work like that. The important thing about Bowenwork is that it allows the body the space to decide what is wrong and how to go about fixing it. Many conditions will respond that the therapist was not even aware of, simply because the body has made the decision to restore lines of communication to that area. A Bowenwork therapist will understand that the body is capable of healing the cause of the pain and not only the symptom.

Diagnosis therefore is not generally an area that a pure Bowen therapist will enter. Rather he or she will offer the work to the body and allow it to decide what, when and where it will use the treatment. There are obviously certain moves for certain symptoms and conditions but in many cases, a basic balancing of the body is enough to clear many long standing problems without need for specifics.

Bowenwork is not a substitute for medical advice but rather a chance for the client’s body to choose, rather than a set of treatments being thrust upon it.

Most sport or work related injuries or problems will respond to Bowen within six treatments scheduled a week apart. Even long term conditions can respond fairly quickly irrespective as to whether other treatments have been used.

Bowen stimulates the nerve endings that regulate muscle tension. As the nerves are stimulated, they signal the muscles to regain normal muscle tension and length allowing the muscle to relax and release Trigger Points.  It is necessary to allow the muscles time to respond by waiting several minutes before the next set of Bowen moves are done.

Postural Correction Exercises are principle-based exercises grounded in the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics. Postural realignment is accomplished by applying a progression of properly sequenced exercises that have been systematically oriented toward each client’s unique needs.  These exercises retrain the neuromuscular system and the biomechanical systems of the body, reminding each muscle of the function it was designed to perform. The goal of the Postural Correction Exercise is to bring you to a state of muscular and internal balance, decreasing tension in the body and at the same time eliminating your pain.

2. Proper Nutrition

There is an old saying: “It is more important to know what type of patient has a disease, than what type of disease a patient has.”

Most of health issues are signs of metabolic imbalance. Our metabolic individualities are as unique as our fingerprints. That is why it is impossible for me to tell you an exact list of things you’ll receive from your program. However, I make an effort to set up realistic goals with each client based on what type of results they’re looking for.

By eating the foods best for your Metabolic Type®, your body will naturally shift into a state of balance. Some people need more salads to achieve this while others require more steaks. We all have different paths to health through what we eat.

Here are some short-term benefits to balancing your body:

  • Eliminate cravings and hunger between meals
  • Feel satisfied after meals
  • Increase physical energy and stamina
  • Eradicate mood swings and balance emotions
  • Improve mental clarity and ability to concentrate
  • Have a good, lasting, normal sense of energy and well-being


Long-term benefits of balancing your body include:

  • Natural weight loss without dieting or restricting calories
  • Natural balancing of hormones
  • Prevention and reversal of chronic and degenerative health disorders
  • Prevention and faster recovery from injuries
  • Enhanced immunity and resistance to colds, flu, and recurrent infections
  • Slowing of the aging process

Remember this: “There is a 1 to 1 relationship between what you eat and how you feel.”

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