Personalized Nutrition

The Complimentary Consultation

The best way for me to help you find answers for the problems you have and set the goals is to offer you a complimentary consultation with me either over the phone, via Skype, or in my office. This is a time for me to get to know you, and more importantly, for you to know me. You’ll find out more, ask questions and decide if these type of wellness programs are a good fit for you. I shall learn more about you and what your goals are and from there we’ll go over recommendations for you personally, package options and costs involved. This way you will make the best choice for how you’d like to move forward. While there is no obligation to “sign up” at any time, I do take a credit card number to hold your Consultation appointment.

8 Weeks Wellness Program

“People who worked with a health coach to lose weight lost 9.5 more pounds, on average, than those who didn’t work with a coach.” –New England Journal of Medicine

The 8 weeks program ensures accountability.

Make an appointment to go over your health concerns and get the information to do the Metabolic Typing® Test. . After you take the Metabolic Typing® Test, we create your unique individual plan based on the results of the test and your lifestyle as follows:

  • Find the right percentages of proteins, fats and carbohydrates it takes to normalize your weight, while eliminating any cravings
  • Create a personal fitness program based on heart rate and desired results
  • Meet once a week for eight weeks to fine tune  the program. Afterwards, you may continue until you reach goal weight.
  • Create a customized supplement program if needed.
  • Restore structural Integrity if needed

Each week we will meet to discuss the best ways for you to succeed in your program. You may also come back periodically for following-up testing to monitor your progress and chart your success with your program!

Schedule your Complimentary Consultation to learn more.

“On the Go”

Long term commitment is not for everyone. 8 weeks program ensures accountability and often better results. However, if you are not sure what is the right choice for you, do not hesitate to contact me. You do not have to commit to a long term program(s) and you are welcome to start with the initial Metabolic Typing® Test and then decide when and how often the coaching sessions will fit in with your lifestyle. Schedule your Complimentary Consultation to learn more.

Eliminate Body Pain Today

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