What is Voila?

VOILA Method of Structural Joint Balancing is new innovative way of helping the body in healing itself. VOILÀ is a dynamic & fluid Structural assessment that is done throughout the Entire session and treatment tool to assist the practitioner in saving time and getting long lasting results!MBF

VOILA Method teaches you how to assess & balance the Cranial Bones, in harmony with the Keystones, in static & Dynamic Movement to create Equilibrium.

The Body is a Pressure Unit that must work in synchronization for maximal results and benefits by SYNCing the diaphragms to create proper pressure within the body so it has true core strength and does not have to rely on breath holding or unnatural Muscle loading to maintain the pressure for Core Stability .


Assess, Correct and SYNC the Whole Body by creating Balance and Stability of the Skeletal Structure through Joint Keystone Balancing.

  • Restore the Body’s ability to achieve optimal strength & performance.
  • Change the way the World sees and does BodyWork
  • Restore Breathing Organically

The human body responds, develops, and is maintained according to basic neurological and biomechanical principles.

MBF 2However, when the body experiences an accident, surgery, trauma, chronic over use or even the lack of purposeful physical activity apparent in today’s lifestyles, structural compensations (misalignments) and weaknesses almost always occur to some degree.

This process in turn causes the premature breakdown of our muscular-skeletal systems, making them susceptible to injury, reducing performance and quality of life and prolonging recovery.

Left untreated, these compensations and weaknesses can lead to further misalignment.

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