Great! If that is what your body needs, we definitely know it is much easier, for the both of us, to keep your body strong, healthy and well. Many in medicine (especially those in the ER), law enforcement, fire protection, and other high pressure professionals, blue collar workers and students have found that a Bowen session once every 30-45 days makes them feel great and on top of their game. They come in for a variety of reasons. One has to do with releasing the high levels of pressure, stress or physical labor they experience on the job. The next, it gives them an edge on work and life. Another, it gives them time to let go and get away from the cares of the world, to rest their bodies and minds during a session while listening to calming music, in a relaxing and nurturing healing environment.
Understand, just like an automobile, your body needs regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. When you will have to come back for a “full body tune-up” so to speak may depend primarily on how much and how hard you drive yourself.