Bowen can give you the best most lasting results when health-robbing habits are stopped and fresh health generating ones are taken on.
The following suggestions help very well, particularly during the course of treatment. (Note: These suggestions do not replace any advice or instructions given you from your medical professional.)

  • Walk. Spend as much time walking as you reasonably can. 15 – 30 minutes per day minimum. If you are unable to do this, take two or three short walks. We’re talking about a leisurely stroll here not a race. It should be easy and enjoyable. Take your water with you and drink it! Walking also has many great benefits. It involves no danger of strain or injury.
  • Make it a “be kind to yourself” – easy day on the day of your Bowen session. No heavy exercise or lifting on the day of session is definitely best. Because you finally feel better, this definitely is not the time to begin a new rigorous exercise, stretching, or Yoga program.   Stretching is very helpful, I must add. You may feel an unfamiliar burst of energy on the day of your session or for many days thereafter. It is crucial that you give your body the time and space that it needs to internalize the session you have received for deeper level repair, nervous system reintegration, and healing.
  • Drink lots of water. Drink the purest water you can find. Every body function relies on proper hydration.
  • Move around. On the day of treatment it is especially important to move around every thirty minutes or so. Use a timer if you must, to remind you. If you feel like sleeping – By all means, go ahead and sleep! Evidently your body is in need of the rest.
  • Avoid temperature extremes. No hot baths, showers, or Jacuzzi’s. No ice packs. No heating pads. Warm showers or baths do well.

Gentle walking activates the lymphatic “pumps” in the body helping it to rid itself of waste and toxins more efficiently. Increased respiration aids in this process too. Ideally, Bowen will release stressors in the body and walking gets them to move out much faster and helps to improve body functions while stimulating your body at a much higher level.