To this we say, “GREAT, it’s working.”

In cases where a person has had a pain or condition for quite some time the body has a tendency to torque around the pain.  In these cases the body has not properly used all the muscles it normally would because of the imbalance and instability that existed. During and for many days after a session the body will begin to realign itself. Muscles that have not been used for sometime will be not as strong as they should be and they commonly lack stamina because they haven’t been properly used for a while. After a session these muscles will immediately be required to work to return the body back to proper balance. This may cause some mild soreness as the muscles begin to get a “workout” to get back into shape. The best and easiest solution for this is to increase water intake and go on a walk – for those who are able to. Increasing water intake and going on a walk will accomplish two things. It will re-hydrate the muscles and increase circulation which quickly decreases the muscular tenderness.