I’ve had cases where people moved along great and then all of a sudden their progress stopped. In nearly every case, the person did something, like starting to exercise too much, or they have had back problems for years and “Oh, I moved everything in my house and garage last weekend, put in the garden AND pruned the trees and did the  yard work”; or “ I have been running for a couple of months now, so I ran the marathon last weekend” or “I felt so good that my wife and I hiked up to the top of Mount Whitney (some 14,000 + feet) We haven’t hiked in years since I got hurt, so we decided to go again.” … You can’t do this to your body and expect it to not hurt again! Or their ergonomics at the desk at work is not good, for example. This is usually the case.

At this point you really have to take responsibility for yourself. Your practitioner may have strong recommendations as to what you can do and could expect from further sessions. If you feel at this point that you are moving in the right direction and this is something you want to pursue, the choice is up to you.