One session simply will not do it for most people. Receive at least 3-5 sessions for mild to moderate cases. For severe to extreme cases receive at least 5-8 sessions. We have seen cases where it took 6-8 sessions with not much happening then all of a sudden – BOOM – everything changed and the person shot back to good health almost instantly. Sometimes it takes patience for Bowen to set in.

The bamboo tree seed is planted. It is fertilized and watered painstakingly for 5 years and not even one sign of a sprout. In the fifth year, as soon as you begin to see a sprout, it shoots up to 90 feet tall in SIX WEEKS! That is over 25 inches per day!   Over 1 inch per hour! You can practically see it grow in front of your eyes!!! The tree had to first lay its foundational roots. Sometimes the body needs to do that as well.
In most cases that there was seemingly no result, most people didn’t follow the directions and did things they shouldn’t have or they didn’t do what they were asked to do (drink lots of water, for those who medically are able to go on a daily 20 minute walk, refrain from coffee and alcohol etc.).

Also, humans have a wonderful ability to forget how bad something was once it’s a little better.
In the extremely rare case that nothing did happen, and there has been no change whatsoever and your Bowen practitioner has done all they could do for you, Bowen may not be right for you. The bottom line is that it simply does not work for everyone. The reason(s) why? We haven’t found that out yet.